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American Idol Blogging (and way too much else)

Let’s see if I can sneak in a quick post around my daycare duties. They (and by “they” I mean Henry) tend to know the difference between my fingers hitting the keys for anything substantive and not, so I can type a tweet or something like a Google query or URL, but not a post or e-mail. Haven’t tried the in-between of writing or revising a resume or LinkedIn desriptions lately, but they fall more to the substantive if only in terms of concentration and here he comes, like clockwork. Well yay, he… nope, he started walking off until I started typing again. Okay, he left. And Val drew him back. Score! He couldn’t get to my lap so he gave up. Go me!

You will have noticed a distinct lack of American Idol blogging. Or other TV blogging. I mean, ignoring for a moment the limited blogging generally, which is a combination if things, partially overlapping, which see a subsequent post, if not a full explanation therein.

Sadly, for the moment we have settled into a reasonable combination of Deb working 2:00 to 11:00 PM, while I work out of the house 3:45 AM until somewhere between 6:30 and 8:00 AM, normally to just after 7:00 AM. Her 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM shift didn’t work well, though it could have if I’d set a strict bedtime for me and the kids of 7:30, and not worried as much about her getting supper of whatever we’d had not long after we’d eaten, or making her something when she arrived. In the last few months I struggled with being boxed into the role and slipped a bit, but generally I take the “feed everyone” job seriously. (On that note, Sadie says “more apple!!!” and I am called away…)

Where was I?

Right. I don’t know how I was doing the “FredCo” job well enough to be retained as permanent, because I almost never got enough sleep the whole time, and I sleepwalked through every day between shifts, which come to think of it may not have helped my enthusiasm for my domestic duties. Oddly, though, I had faith I would become perm, while Deb wasn’t so sure I’d even last the seasonal stretch. Doesn’t take so much: Don’t let anything stop me from going to work, focus, do the job well, be inexorable, try not to get so hurt I have to stop. The new policy is get to bed as early as possible and even if it were tempting to wait up for Deb, 11:30 PM would be out of the question. It means easier to have a routine that gets us there, with flexibility the 7:30 thing would not have afforded. So the target bedtime is 8:00 PM, but if it takes until 9:30 sometimes, oh well. If we are asleep at 8:30, that lets me sleep potentially as long as 6.5 hours, which is amazing. I was routinely getting 4 and under. If I got more, it was by Deb being the evening parent and the morning parent. She routinely got too little sleep, and had less time for herself than needed, let alone customary from before I had even a job tucked into a theoretically out of the way, brief time slot. Interstitial employment?

(Pause to peel another apple because Sadie wanted more. Apparently the Pink Ladies are a huge hit.)

(And he is on my lap.)

(And saved by Val needing to be wiped.)

(And finally closed door to try to finish this quick, since my solution of doing dishes to feel unencumbered went far worse than this did, with two of them mothing me.)

Now where was I?

I go to bed before Idol, and Deb works during Idol. Part of the charm was watching together. We also are too busy to tape and watch. Thus I have been catching highlights via Rickey, except for having caught bits of some of the audition rounds. I have some idea who is participating and how the competition stacks up, know some of the drama, know details of how they’ve changed things this year, and so forth, but the viewing experience? Not getting that this time.

Not to mention the TV problem

(Sadie pounded on door to roust me because Henry changed the channel and messed it up. He will not learn not to do that.)

Not to mention the TV problems we have had, which I troubleshot yesterday, resulting in a revelation as well as the expected.

The signal comes through rabbit ears, and through the miracle of cables and splitters we could record something on the VCR on one channel while watching another channel, or watch a tape. The DVD player hooked directly into the requisite red, white and yellow jacks, rather than the antenna jack.

It barfed a couple months or so back. Ended up having to feed antenna to VCR and VCR to TV using DVD cables, or leave the DVD cables on the DVD player. Switching between them had to be a physical act of moving cables, so it was a big deal to watch TV as it happened, or to tape it, which couldn’t be done while watching a DVD anymore. If the kids picked something we had on tape, like Mary Poppins, we’d make a proverbial day of it and watch multiple tapes, maximizing the benefit of the cable swap.

I’d meant to try the “old” TV, which is the newer TV, which is smaller, else there’d have been no reason to switch to the other.

(They just busted into my locked door. So Val could ask for help with one of her new belts she got for her birthday. Then succeeded herself. Then left him in with me, closing the door behind her, Go Valerie.)

It was fairly apparent that the antenna jack on the big TV was more or less fried, but that wasn’t beyond all doubt.

(Pause to let Henry out and stuff.)

Thus the desire to test, if not automatically, definitely switch.

I confirmed the diagnosis, leaving us a good working kind of small TV that can be used as we used to, and a bigger, older TV that isn’t good for much besides hooking to a DVD player. Which might be viable if and when it could go in a separate room for the kids, or if one of us had space and preference for it versus the fact we can watch DVD on our computers (or will be able to, in Deb’s case, once I put in the drive that I ordered), and versus the watching of Hulu that can and does happen on our computers.

Having started on the course of not being able to watch AI this season, I can’t see us suddenly starting to tape it, but at least now we could.

Except… we can’t. Not yet.

You know how Obama has an advisor on such matters who worked for a company that benefits from a delay in the switch to HD, so mysteriously a delay has in fact been invoked? That was not enough to stop Fox. Home of American Idol.

In my A/V geeking yesterday, I found that

(Pause to wipe Sadie and hand out snacks to the bottomless children and be amused at Sadie’s declaration she didn’t want to miss much of the show she was watching, ‘I’m watching PBS Kids!”)

I found that channel 64 was on an endless loop announcing you were not seeing their programming because they had switched, so get off your asses and get a converter if you don’t have cable or a new set, here’s how. That’s Fox in Providence. Channel 25 was gone entirely. That’s Fox in Boston. It’s a tossup which will come in better for us, so normally we’d watch whichever was clearer that day. Not that Fox was alone, since it appeared channels 10 and 12 were gone as well, essentially eliminating commercial network television as an option for us.

So much for the delay.

And TV watchers or not, HD transition delay or not, the coupons for $40 of a $48 converter box expire, so I will need to get one or two sooner rather than later. For an extra $8 I’m inclined to get a spare, just in case we use a second TV or one dies or whatever.

In long, that, folks, is why you have not been and probably will not be seeing breathless commentary here about American Idol this season. Maybe sometime in the season we will manage, or I will manage, to do some actual watching of it, live or taped. The “FredCo” job can’t be forever, if you ask me, just because it’s too little to be so much of what I rely on, and it’s too physically demanding. The trouble is that I have to transition to work that pays so well that daycare is not an issue, or that is “work” not a “job” and can actually fit in with the kids and dishes and stuff, either being relatively interruptable, or doable during time Deb can and will cover me as if I had left the house and was no more available than I am now Tuesday through Saturday mornings 3:30 to generally about 7:30. I’ve been interested in working from home at times in order to be available to help, but mostly that just doesn’t work. A couple of saving factors are that we live in a 24 hour, 7 day world, and that we won’t necessarily overlap hours entirely for the foreseeable future, even if I extricate myself from domestic box into corporate cubicle.

Now. I have another post in mind for here, and maybe I can put that forth today, but also I have a post I started last week, elsewhere, directly relevant to getting work, potentially to be seen by tens of thousands of people, potentially meme-setting in scope. But at least self-motivational and all that. I was white-hot inspired and then wasn’t able to work on it and lost the feel, but at least it can be done enough without the heat, so long as there’s time and permission to actually work on it.


Site Notes

A while back, to try to figure out how to port stuff from Expression Engine to WordPress, and because we wanted to migrate to WordPress ourselves, I archived the original Blogblivion to that date, porting the most recent posts that could be readily ported. I never did get to porting the rest one way or another or reverting back to EE, or to fixing the archival site to cope with URL redirection messing up links.

They were mostly not advertisers we wanted to keep longer than necessary, but following the move, the month-to-month ads we carried eventually were cancelled. Not sure if that was because our Google Page Rank had dropped, possibly because of those links, or because of the site changes, or in some cases because the company that places ads with us had reason, or a combination. We’d taken this site “offline” as far as ad sales, waiting for them to drop away.

The bulk of ad revenue always came from elsewhere, if you don’t count the annual ad we also carry here. However, I think I will put it back on the market to boost things slightly, or at least hold forth the potential of boosting them. It could be we don’t attract more.

Then, to consolidate things for my satisfaction, and to make the place more appealing, I will start republishing content back from the old to the new version of Blogblivion. Probably a combo of reposts at the current date of “best of” or to revisit with new commentary, and straight ports over to the original date for less interesting stuff. Also, probably not every last post, but we’ll see. I might even choose to revisit some of what was on Accidental Verbosity, if only as reposts, not ports. And some of that may go elsewhere. as in relevant stuff going to Bizosphere, as an easy way to put posts other than CotC and links over there.

Anyway, thought I would let you know. If it feels like deja vu all over again, or you get a feed and it puts through the reposts that are backdated, now you’ll know why. Also? Maybe I will post some pictures again sometime. What a concept.


Still Here

Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been hectic and… interesting. This isn’t the only place in town, of course, and I’ve even revived Carnival of the Capitalists as a Twittercentric thing.

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Not Official But…

The job I have totally not blogged about as intended is planning to keep me beyond seasonal. I am “reliable and a hard worker.”

I’d been wanting to post about how cool it is, in terms of logistics, handling and managing physical stuff, being no-nonsense and well run, and reminding me of a computer program written in physical form rather than in software. It is, after all, a sorting and routing routine. Then there’s the physical fitness aspect, and the fact I’m so capable to handling it, offset by the downsides of how easy it is to be injured and how grueling it is. In the “here’s an entire day or two of exertion to do in 3 – 5 hours” sort of way.

More significantly, I’d been mentally composing a post about my psychology and aspects of my employment history it resonates with, and it being a mental as well as physical reset. I’m not the fastest at unloading trailers and slinging 1000 – 2000 or so packages a shift, but I’m up there, without losing quality in the process. My boss at my last job like this would probably not have been satisfied I was fast enough!

Anyway, in a cosmic sense it’s not enough, but in an ohshitwhatarewedoinginjanuary sense it’s fantastic news. If it’s less intense and we finally get used to it and manage bedtimes and such better and get the cars fully reliable and do some strategic child offloading, many things could be possible. It can hardly help but be a better year, but still, why not shoot for a good one.


Know what I’m wondering today?

Are all the happy people on the internet actually happy, or do they just play happy people on the internet?


I love this.

DaGoddess on blogging, journals, and self-censorship.

Of course, we can’t really be honest here or people show up at our door and threaten us, apparently. But I agree with her anyway.

blogging Kids

Was Going to Post

Henry says that is not allowed. But then, neither is anything else. Besides holding him so he can fall asleep no put me down no pick me up no put me down hey shiny thing ah relaxing yay let me go play now hey you’re in the kitchen cool…

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While You Were Sleeping

I’ve spent much of the night not asleep, and ended up perusing some old material here and there. I wondered whether I would get different results on some of the quiz thingies. Here are some of them. In the first case, how the results are presented changed, no more secondary element included.

Your Dominant Thinking Style: Visioning

You are very insightful and tend to make decisions based on your insights.
You focus on how things should be – even if you haven’t worked out the details.

An idealist, thinking of the future helps you guide your path.
You tend to give others long-term direction and momentum.

What’s Your Thinking Style?

Original thinking style post.

You Are a Hunter Soul

You are driven and ambitious – totally self motivated to succeed
Actively working to achieve what you want, you are skillful in many areas.
You are a natural predator with strong instincts … and more than a little demanding.
You are creative, energetic, and an extremely powerful force.

An outdoors person, you like animals and relate to them better than people.
You tend to have an explosive personality, but also a good sense of humor.
People sometimes see you as arrogant or a know it all.
You tend to be a bit of a loner, though you hate to be alone.

Souls you are most compatible with: Seeker Soul and Peacemaker Soul

What Kind of Soul Are You?

Original soul post

I am an

What Flower
Are You?

Original flower post

The text of that result:

“You are a health conscious person, both your health and the health of others. You know all about the health benefits and dangers of the world around you.”

Entirely unrelated to quizzes, this post strikes me as a demarcation where things really went to hell with the old client. That month was an insane volume of work – afraid to do the invoice levels – in no small part because one file version in Windows was off, and vendor support was less than stellar. It was the beginning of the “must upgrade for real” sequence, flowing right into a second large month in which a lesser server died and required I move files and shares still living on it. A Pentium 200, that was, in 2006. Having already run up over $18,000 in time for March and April, I was skittish about spending too much time in too short a period to set up the new servers I finally got them to order later that year.

I’d forgotten it was May 2006 when I did my AS/400 magic. I thought that was before the Juris mess. But I digress.

Maybe I’ll get sleepy eventually.

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Grand Rounds Fourth Anniversary

I did a double-take when I saw Glenn saying that Grand Rounds was celebrating its fifth anniversary, since I remembered them starting after CotC, which would have been five in a few weeks had it not lapsed.

Indeed, their first edition was four years ago, almost a year after CotC started. Still a long time, and it was always an excellent idea for a carnival topic. This will be the start of their fifth year, coming up, not to be confused with fifth anniversary.

Check out the fourth anniversary Grand Rounds, the medical blog carnival.

(I know, this is pedantic. It just strikes me that it’s an important distinction, just as it will be when we celebrate our sixth anniversary January 2nd.)

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Domains for Sale

I have updated the domains for sale post with the links to the auctions that didn’t have links available yet at the time.

blogging Geekery Job Hunting

Reposts Galore

I am about to repost a bunch of posts I did about my various experience, mainly listing different software, etc. I had used over time, with sometimes excessive elaboration about the circumstances. This is potentially useful to me for reference, and since migrating the blog to WordPress and archiving most of it still in Expression Engine broke the archives somewhat, I thought I would bring them to the fore.

I’ll make this post sticky for a while, so it’s clearer what’s going on, as the posts will ultimately appear in the same order published, with the oldest first. Here goes…

blogging Money

When Blog Runs High

Our friend Jeff Soyer is at the time of year when he could use a small hand. While we not only can’t help, but are not out of the woods ourselves, I can at least point people there.

blogging Kids Totally Random


I have 19 pictures queued of Henry… just from the latest set off the camera. So much for his being neglected compared to the girls, if I post all those. I’m debating whether to just post them normally, split them into multiple posts (I’ll already be doing multiples as I am working backward through the last few sets and won’t put them all up together), or make a big post with an extended entry. I’ll just have to emphasize the need to click to expand the post.

Anyway, stay tuned for that in somewhere between a little while and a day. Meanwhile, perhaps I’ll start with a few I have starring Henry and Valerie together.

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Chris Muir Needs You

I’ve been a big fan of Day by Day since around the time I started blogging.

Chris has traffic we could only dream of, and while there have been bloggers in the past who pled faux bandwidth costs to raise more money a year than I’ve ever made, it really does cost something to run a site like his. More importantly, it’s all about the value, the entertainment he provides, and the work he puts in for us. Somehow I’d missed that he’s unemployed and now relying entirely on the strip.

While I’m not in a position to help out this time, having just barely gotten past a plea myself (and really, we kept power on but have no idea how we will cover the next bill yet, so it’s not all sunshine and daisies yet), I would in a heartbeat if I could, and can at least point people his way. See below the current strip on the main page for details, including goodies that are available.

Birthdays blogging Humor

Looks like Glenn…

Is adopting my birthday blogging thing. Indeed, happy birthday to Todd Steed.

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Life Gives Us Deadlines

This is an updated and abbreviated version of a post I have been meaning to write and have a couple times had partially written for weeks, and relates to mentions here (linked by Sarah in this awesome post), and over here, and perhaps elsewhere, like this, and on Twitter.

As you may know, we’ve been financially challenged. Things have become almost but not quite stable on the way to the end of the tunnel. We’re not in immediate danger of eviction for being behind on rent. We can eat. The phone and internet – vital to modern life and in our case making a chunk of money and seeking more – are being kept on. The kids have health coverage and Henry will get his one year checkup and shots – albeit not until almost 13 months old due to doctor vacation scheduling – and that’ll set us on the road to getting an even better handle on the allergy/sensitivity problems, which may also become less critical as he ages. It’s actually been I have no idea what I was about to type a little while ago when I stopped in mid-sentence. I think I was going to say it’s been good I’ve been so available, and that will make working from home a Good Thing, except I must be able to work for that to work which is a matter of some juggling and changes. But I digress.

Have to stop and try to remember where I was going with this in the broader sense. I load my thoughts in my head and risk losing them if they don’t spew right out the keyboard.


There’s been one big deadline coming at us. The gas & electric can’t be turned off if you have a baby under a year and financial hardship. Henry turns 1 on the 20th. We’ve accumulated most of a year’s worth of balance. In fact, it’s apparently a couple months more than I thought, and the peak bills in the winter weren’t much more than the bills have been this summer. Odd.

We assumed, not unreasonably, that I would get enough work before now to straighten that out and take us the rest of the way out of the basics. As it is, we should be able to cover the current utilities in the future, so it’s mainly about the arrears.

The bottom line is we have to pay at least $1425 by August 22nd to keep the gas and electricity on, and then the other half will be in six installments.

That means needing to come up with about $1000 above what we can otherwise manage.

I have an offer of $150 toward the second installment from a local charitable agency, but not the first, as they have to know the power will stay on and it won’t be wasted dropping in the bucket. That would effectively give me until sometime in October to have gotten the prospective job, or other work sufficient to keep it all rolling.

Someone finally expressed interest in buying the domain I’ve had for sale for several months, so I thought that might do it, but I haven’t heard back. I just replied a third time, from a different address, making a time-sensitive offer to sell it at the lowest price I can reasonably accept. I’ll probably list it again in a formal service to expedite the possibility and give others a chance if the warm prospect bails. That would help some, if it could happen soon enough. We’re looking at what else we can sell in the next week, focusing heavily on my comic book collection from years past.

For the most part, family isn’t a viable source of help, so I won’t go asking them unless it comes down to, say, the last $100 or so between us and darkness.

At any rate, whatever we could say about how we got here, miscalculating and all that, it’s not as important as moving forward. The consequences, if we can’t keep the utilities on, will be the same as eviction. There are contingency plans for Deb and the kids to stay with a friend of hers. I have no such plans, beyond being acutely aware I still own a tent. That just sets up a much harder scenario to escape, makes it hard to make the money we now make online, makes it hard to get work, makes it hard to take care of the kids, makes it hard to keep Henry’s sensitivities watched and controlled.

I haven’t been eager to say anything by way of asking for donations, as we already got helped once beyond all conceivable generosity. We wouldn’t be so stable now, otherwise. I’m itching to get on the other side of the PayPal button and be able to do the same for others. Surely that’ll come, but isn’t here yet.

This was why I planned to do a fundraising edition of CotC, since that was a different audience and reason – appreciation of the carnival in the past or expression of a desire to have it happen in the future – it didn’t feel inappropriate. My spare time for that never became copious, even though the fundraising aspect made it paying work of sorts. Again, not to reflect on where and why but to resolve and proceed.

So. Anything I receive in PayPal (button at top of right sidebar) will go to the gas and electric arrears until that is paid up or something else is a more immediate threat. I’ll add to this if I see later I forgot something, or will post status updates as appropriate.

The other part of the plan, besides maybe mentioning this in a less frantic way, was a post soliciting micro-work of the sort I can actually do while taking care of the kids and having to fit it into minute or few bursts or sleepy midnight interludes. Ironically, planning that, composing it and so forth didn’t lend themselves to my time and circumstances. While that might not raise what a full-fledged getababysitternow job would, it would have helped. I still plan something along those lines, which was not going to be a mere post, but also a mass e-mail to contacts, some of whom might not even realize I am looking. Even some people I expected were aware things were grim had no idea, so on the periphery, who knows.

Oddly, everyone has left me alone long enough to ramble at length. This is as much as I wrote over the course of a couple weeks in an unfinished post on the topic that reached the point where I wasn’t sure what I’d said and needed almost a rewrite of an edit. However, it’s time to make supper before the kids mutiny.

We’re down to about $650 $600 $200 needed to make the deadline. Not there yet, but it’s progress. Almost there! Thank you all so much for your links, donations and purchases.

Update on August 19. 2008:

I’ve removed the sticky status from this post and am updating this one accordingly. While things won’t exactly be rosy and we still could use assistance if anyone feels generous (this big push was for half the arrears; it’ll be hard to pay both the installments on the other half and the current bills, if nothing else), with some juggling and astonishing generosity from several people, we’ve reached the immediate goal. Thanks!!

If you do still want to help out, the PayPal button on the top right remains. Deb’s shop still has a few physical items, though it is going largely virtual. We still have books for sale, and may add more along the line. Some have had to be removed after Henry damaged them, which is helpful.

You’re welcome to use the info in the sidebar where it says “Light the power!” to go directly to the gas & electric on our behalf. That’s going to be over $200 a month to catch up, after all, on to of an average of probably $300 a month over the year, with the big ones coming all too soon. That’s anonymous, unless you tell us you’ve done it. We’ll just see that part of the bill has already been paid.

I didn’t end up selling off some of my comics for this emergency, but I’m not attached to most of them, and will probably put many of them up for sale. Possibly right on one of the blogs, or possibly other places. Stay tuned.

I still am trying to sell, though perhaps I should use that as the domain for selling comics. It has a higher Page Rank now than we do here. Anyway, the auction expires tomorrow, but until then I will accept a bargain reserve price ($500) for the thing. That’s somewhere between 1/2 and 1/20 of what it should bring. I’ll probably put it on longer term offer at a higher price, whether I also sell stuff on it or not. I also have potentially available, but haven’t really thought about price.

At any rate, thanks to everyone who donated, linked, and made a point of buying stuff. It was a big help.

blogging Geekery

Blog and Re-education

So I still haven’t finalized the blog migration, though mostly you wouldn’t notice. Not just the little details to fix up, and things like the blogroll.

Going from Expression Engine to WordPress, as a full migration, was tough but not impossible. Mainly a brute force act of tedium. However, the permalink structure would be changed, so links to old posts, be they linked by other blogs or search engines, would be broken, unless they could be redirected.

Yada yada and so I decided to archive the old Expression Engine blog, quite easy to relocate and keep functional in a new folder. Again, though, that changes the links to posts. It just saves the import work. After all, how hard could it be to use .htaccess to tell Apache to issue a 301 redirect to the new structure, exactly the same as the old but for the insertion of /eeblog after and before /index.php/site and so forth?

Hard, apparently, and not something I found an exacting example of I could crib from, nor something anyone in my circle of contacts had expertise in enough for an assist. I needed to study intensively and become expert in the available commands and how to structure them, testing and redoing and testing and so forth as needed. I have kids.

I could see that a misplaced permalink would bring up a failure page generated by WordPress, which made me think perhaps that could be used, with PHP code, to parse the requested URL and redirect, or at least tell the person arriving there the correct destination.

While that still is the same I have kids problem, for some reason I seem to be able to focus with them swirling around me on that particular thing – coding or studying code – better than I can with writing or with something I find more obscure and esoteric.

Ultimately the whole thing has led me to start trying to learn PHP, beyond the slight poking at it I’d done in the past, or the passing familiarity I’d gained from its presence in blogging tools and presumably necessary similarities to other languages. This is the kind of thing I should have done years ago, of course, or at least a year ago. It’s a case of not doing the thing without a clear and prompt payoff because, hello, I would be needing to find work and make money.

In retrospect, even if the work I’d gotten weren’t programming PHP, the enthusiasm of trying to learn it would have helped. It’s in demand enough that it might not take that much for me to get work, given my background with VB and tech generally.

The challenge is to plug away hard enough to be meaningful, and get more than minutes a day at it. It’s so well documented that it’s as much a matter of saying “I want to do X” and looking up/puzzling out how than it is of reading and reading in theory what the language elements are. An overview is a good start. And based on my poll of the virtual room, among my main contacts, it’s not a skill others have. To my surprise, though I stepped back from that surprise a bit to remind myself that they’re naturally Microsoft-centric, where PHP is other.

We’ll see how that goes, and then perhaps other languages along similar lines. If I can beg, borrow and earn a bit of money to help keep us muddling along as I become more marketable – not that I shouldn’t be already, but it seems to be a focus/goal problem – then the “earn” part of that has a chance to become meaningful. If we can keep life and electicity as we know it intact.



It’s sad. I have a substantial precursor post. And a big post. And another big post. And I have to write them. Oh, hi kids! Heh.

Meanwhile, if you come here and you see an error instead of the blog, it’s probably because I am playing with PHP in an effort to salvage the fact that permalinks to the archival blog go nowhere.

blogging Geekery Kids

Blogrolls and Stuff

So eventually I’ll finish, or at least continue, the blogrolls and no longer have to open the old blog to click to people. I have yet to get comfortable with a feed reader, so pretty much if it’s on my front page, it gets read between multiple times a day and once in a while. I never got into the big link list on the old version, so those were for “bored now” times. I tend to forget it exists if it’s not right there, yet I also tend to lose things in the shuffle if there are too many in a big fat list. I’m hoping multiple rolls will help.

My current idea is to have our own stuff of all kinds, people who are family or close friends, and then separate or combined people who we have actually met, or are our closer online friends, or who have helped us out. Then the rest, possibly further categorized, but starting with the aforementioned first.

Trouble is, even to build the blogroll I need hands, and to be able to be at the desk. It feels almost miraculous to be typing a post like this, and to be able to do some site admin and domain renewals and stuff. I just yelled at the kids about 20 minutes ago that being able to work 5 minutes out of eat hour just wasn’t going to cut it.

I can pretty much make them fall apart if I start trying to puzzle out the .htaccess problem again. That really doesn’t fly in few minute intervals, because I have to study and test and grok it. In most of a week I’ve not gotten much more than an hour to work on that, so it’s a wonder I even have as close an idea as I do. I fear I may actually find the old blog requires a subdomain or its own domain in order for permalink redirection to work, because of how WordPress in the root works. But we’ll see. It’s sure getting tempting to port everything instead, but then I would still need to do .htaccess magic to give old permalinks a dynamic 301 redirect.

Back to work. Oh, hi Sadie!

Who said “please daddy, can I have clear Kool-Aid” and in the time it took for me to move the mouse and hover to click “post & publish” was growling in frustration at my lack of responsiveness. This is what I have to put up with.


Hey Look, a Post!

There were no birthdays and I’ve been buried in kids all day, so I haven’t posted. Which was not my intention at all.

Oh well. Time to make supper.