Site Notes

A while back, to try to figure out how to port stuff from Expression Engine to WordPress, and because we wanted to migrate to WordPress ourselves, I archived the original Blogblivion to that date, porting the most recent posts that could be readily ported. I never did get to porting the rest one way or another or reverting back to EE, or to fixing the archival site to cope with URL redirection messing up links.

They were mostly not advertisers we wanted to keep longer than necessary, but following the move, the month-to-month ads we carried eventually were cancelled. Not sure if that was because our Google Page Rank had dropped, possibly because of those links, or because of the site changes, or in some cases because the company that places ads with us had reason, or a combination. We’d taken this site “offline” as far as ad sales, waiting for them to drop away.

The bulk of ad revenue always came from elsewhere, if you don’t count the annual ad we also carry here. However, I think I will put it back on the market to boost things slightly, or at least hold forth the potential of boosting them. It could be we don’t attract more.

Then, to consolidate things for my satisfaction, and to make the place more appealing, I will start republishing content back from the old to the new version of Blogblivion. Probably a combo of reposts at the current date of “best of” or to revisit with new commentary, and straight ports over to the original date for less interesting stuff. Also, probably not every last post, but we’ll see. I might even choose to revisit some of what was on Accidental Verbosity, if only as reposts, not ports. And some of that may go elsewhere. as in relevant stuff going to Bizosphere, as an easy way to put posts other than CotC and links over there.

Anyway, thought I would let you know. If it feels like deja vu all over again, or you get a feed and it puts through the reposts that are backdated, now you’ll know why. Also? Maybe I will post some pictures again sometime. What a concept.

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