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Chris Muir Needs You

I’ve been a big fan of Day by Day since around the time I started blogging.

Chris has traffic we could only dream of, and while there have been bloggers in the past who pled faux bandwidth costs to raise more money a year than I’ve ever made, it really does cost something to run a site like his. More importantly, it’s all about the value, the entertainment he provides, and the work he puts in for us. Somehow I’d missed that he’s unemployed and now relying entirely on the strip.

While I’m not in a position to help out this time, having just barely gotten past a plea myself (and really, we kept power on but have no idea how we will cover the next bill yet, so it’s not all sunshine and daisies yet), I would in a heartbeat if I could, and can at least point people his way. See below the current strip on the main page for details, including goodies that are available.

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