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I Should Probably Do Something Here

At the very least, WordPress being updated might make things snappier and avoid errors that might ultimately make this as unreadable as an old Expression Engine blog that’s been obsoleted by version changes to PHP on the server. Kind of … Continue reading

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Ownership Rules

My reaction was “because they own it… because they fucking OWN IT.” Duh. End of discussion. “Stakeholders”? That’s always been utter bull.

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Atlas Revisited

Had a rare interlude of TV available without kids and not needing/wanting to do laundry, dishes, etc., which led me to discover Atlas Shrugged Part 1 was on Netflix. So I watched it again. Went to great lengths to see … Continue reading

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Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal

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Boxcar Children

It’s a bit odd reading chapters from The Boxcar Children to Sadie. You see, Henry’s nickname is Benny. This comes from a combination of his having at times been called Henny, and that having been used in the song The … Continue reading

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Valerie turned six recently.         As you see a hint of above, she and the other kids recently got a lesson about roughhousing in the stairwell…     Valerie is in kindergarten and doing pretty well, though … Continue reading

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Famous First Words

Here we go again. Updated WordPress to the latest I know our database can support. Updated our theme to this awesome new one. Managed to lose my Sitemeter in the process, and don’t even know what e-mail address I don’t … Continue reading

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I remembered our eight anniversary was coming. Then yesterday, eight days later, I remembered again, surprised I had let it pass without recalling or noting it on that day. Made me think. I also thought it was the first time … Continue reading

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Inspection Day Miracle

The spouse’s Chevy S-10 has had the service engine light on for months. One of those silly emissions-related things that cost a fortune to fix and seem designed more to support the repair industry artificially than to be necessary to … Continue reading

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More Allergies?

As is well known, Henry has allergies to bananas, dairy, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts, and when he was very young was sensitive to salicylates, azo dyes, and some aspect of screen printed ink on many of my T-shirts. He … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

What’s the appropriate gift for a 13th? Luck, perhaps? It’s been a big 13 years for my oldest nephew and his wife. Congratulations!

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Happy Birthday

To my cool mother-in-law, Peggy.

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Allergy Visit

So yesterday was Henry’s annula allergy appointment, which turned out a bit unexpected, as the doctor decided not to retest him this year. He’d like to wait until next year, at which point he’ll be to the point of maybe … Continue reading

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Drumwaster’s Rants

Another blog I remember fondly is Drumwaster’s Rants, which somewhere along the line – not all that long ago – turned into a domain parking page. I never did learn Drumwaster’s real name, but he was part of the overlapping … Continue reading

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Tummy Flora and MS?

This kind of thing makes a lot of sense and I’ve been seeing more and more of it. Probably some of it also queued with old links I never blogged… Anyway, MS is of particular interest, given that my sister … Continue reading

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A big one in the list of bloggers I miss is MedicMom, AKA Sonia, from Alabama. Not sure I should even say that much about her here, given her concerns that led her to abandon her blog. Which is apparently … Continue reading

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Ian Hamet

Again on the topic of old blogs, I also miss Ian Hamet. His, which featured a blog named Banana Oil in my early days of blogging, seems to belong to someone else. He had a temporary blog, Upbeat Cynicism, … Continue reading

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Parent Teacher Conference

I didn’t go this time, scheduling it instead so Deb could have a chance. Just as well, given how sick I am. It was pretty similar – Sadie is great and all – but Deb also had a long talk … Continue reading

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Gut Rumbles

I guess there will be a lot of these memorial blog posts, depending how quickly I go through the blogroll at AV. And this is sort of active, still… there, anyway, it’s just that Acidman died. If you never visited … Continue reading

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Absinthe & Cookies

I’m going through the old blogroll at AV, grabbing stuff to link elsewhere and purging what no longer exists. This could take a while. This also provides fodder for one of the things I’d decided Blogblivion would have as a … Continue reading

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