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So eventually I’ll finish, or at least continue, the blogrolls and no longer have to open the old blog to click to people. I have yet to get comfortable with a feed reader, so pretty much if it’s on my front page, it gets read between multiple times a day and once in a while. I never got into the big link list on the old version, so those were for “bored now” times. I tend to forget it exists if it’s not right there, yet I also tend to lose things in the shuffle if there are too many in a big fat list. I’m hoping multiple rolls will help.

My current idea is to have our own stuff of all kinds, people who are family or close friends, and then separate or combined people who we have actually met, or are our closer online friends, or who have helped us out. Then the rest, possibly further categorized, but starting with the aforementioned first.

Trouble is, even to build the blogroll I need hands, and to be able to be at the desk. It feels almost miraculous to be typing a post like this, and to be able to do some site admin and domain renewals and stuff. I just yelled at the kids about 20 minutes ago that being able to work 5 minutes out of eat hour just wasn’t going to cut it.

I can pretty much make them fall apart if I start trying to puzzle out the .htaccess problem again. That really doesn’t fly in few minute intervals, because I have to study and test and grok it. In most of a week I’ve not gotten much more than an hour to work on that, so it’s a wonder I even have as close an idea as I do. I fear I may actually find the old blog requires a subdomain or its own domain in order for permalink redirection to work, because of how WordPress in the root works. But we’ll see. It’s sure getting tempting to port everything instead, but then I would still need to do .htaccess magic to give old permalinks a dynamic 301 redirect.

Back to work. Oh, hi Sadie!

Who said “please daddy, can I have clear Kool-Aid” and in the time it took for me to move the mouse and hover to click “post & publish” was growling in frustration at my lack of responsiveness. This is what I have to put up with.

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