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Well Yay

I have a phone interview tomorrow at 10 AM for a support and training job almost exclusively from home. Which makes it especially important to keep the electricity on, which is another post entirely, one I’ve been working on for weeks. (In short, we need about $600 this week to keep the power on and not end up homeless, and any donations people make will go specifically to that until the whole arrears is paid off.)

Hopefully that will go well. One of my former partners works for them in that same position and referred me. It sounds ideal.

Here is an actual post with details about the need to raise what turns out to be $1000 by August 22nd.

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My sister-in-law found herself in the same position once and discovered that church groups will give [in addition to groceries] vouchers to cover part of the utilities.

But, that’s Houston.

Hope you get the job!

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