Plea for Help

This post will be sticky and stay above the rest for the duration of, well, as long as needed.

It is a pointer to this longish but boils down to plea for help post that is too big to make sticky itself, but might otherwise escape any attention. In short we have to raise about $1000 by the 22nd.

Update: The amount needed is down to about $650 $600 $200. Thanks!

Update on August 19. 2008:
I’m removing the sticky status from this post and updating it and the original one to which it points. While things won’t exactly be rosy and we still could use assistance if anyone feels generous (this big push was for half the arrears; it’ll be hard to pay both the installments on the other half and the current bills, if nothing else), with some juggling and astonishing generosity from several people, we’ve reached the immediate goal. Thanks!!

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