This is the current primary blog of “Jay Solo” and Deb the “Accidental Jedi,” who have both been blogging variously since early 2003.  To contact either or both you may e-mail jay, deb or comments @ this domain.

We are perhaps best known as an early example, if not the first, of separate bloggers meeting through their blogs and marrying as a result.  No easy feat, given our disparate locations in Massachusetts and California.

There are a bunch of our other blogs and sites, archival and current (sometimes for sketchy values of “current”), listed on the sidebar.  Blogblivion tends to be focused on family life, the kids, blogging about blogging, and sometimes random things that perhaps could go elsewhere.  Some of the other blogs that are current are on more specific topics.  There are also some links to business pages past, present or hopeful.

Deb currently works in retail, but is experienced in management and administrative minutiae.  Change is good.

Jay has been on an extended wind-down from running a business for many years, something of a paternity leave, this and that side work, and figuring out too slowly for comfort where it all leads next.  He would love to work from home in some part, kids permitting, and would love if that included the online sphere, be it site or content management, writing, editing, social media and reputation management, or what.  Otherwise it looks like tech or project management, or anything in which speaker to both geeks and humans, leader and organizer might apply.  Barring rejection for being overqualified, since it’s always better to leave someone unemployed because you think they’re too good, there are many other possibilities.

Kids!  Yes, there are kids.  Sadie the honeymoon surprise, Valerie the planned and very much middle child, and Henry the allergic final child, who has made things especially interesting lately, as if the three don’t conspire to do so enough already.

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