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Ownership Rules

My reaction was “because they own it… because they fucking OWN IT.” Duh. End of discussion. “Stakeholders”? That’s always been utter bull.

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People respond to incentives?

Who knew? Via Drew Johnson at The Agitator Koupit Clomid

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Middleborough goes all small town, makes ass of itself.

Grabbing this from Daily Pundit, because I’m way too fucking lazy to bother with a local news source. Also, I like his take on it. I thought we’d outgrown these stupid wanna-be moral crusades (excuse me, stupid fucking wanna-be moral … Continue reading

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Atlas Revisited

Had a rare interlude of TV available without kids and not needing/wanting to do laundry , dishes, etc., which led me to discover Atlas Shrugged Part 1 was on Netflix. So I watched it again. Went to great lengths … Continue reading

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Inspection Day Miracle

The spouse’s Chevy S-10 has had the service engine light on for months. One of those silly emissions-related things that cost a fortune to fix and seem designed more to support the repair industry artificially than to be necessary to … Continue reading

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Drugs and Change

Recently I got an ear infection. Not shocking, given my childhood propensity for them and the fact that I’ve been almost continuously sick since Sadie started kindergarten in September, culminating with and resuming after a quick bout of flu and … Continue reading

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Looking Forward to This!

Except it still seems a little weird having Atlas Shrugged updated to be set in modern times Kauf von Ampicillin online , and the characters don’t look much like my mental images. Reardon, to whom I most relate, comes closest. … Continue reading

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Buy Priligy

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Link Dump 2

Continued from and explained in Link Dump 1. Schoolhouse Barack Eggless batter for deep fried shrimp (works nicely for chicken, came out just like Chinese chicken fingers but that Henry can eat, moved from this to lighter tempura style) It’s … Continue reading

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Cast Off

Monday Sadie got her walking cast off, got still more X-rays, and was allowed to leave cast-free. Yay! She faces 10 days of taking it easier than normal – walking on even surfaces, no roughhousing, nothing athletic, going in a … Continue reading

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And We Mean It!

[I originally started this post a week ago last Monday, July 12, got interrupted, never finished and posted it, and so here it is. Not bothering to edit the timeframe up to the point I'll indicate I am adding to … Continue reading

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One More Day!

Or so I hope! Tomorrow morning I take Sadie to get her cast off and get X-rays. Presumably that will be it, and we will return home triumphantly cast-free after three weeks. Via some errands. And a trip by my … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace

My cousin Wanda died at the age of 47 on Wednesday. I don’t know details beyond that, but in keeping with modern times I found out online, rather than via a call, and from my cousin’s elder daughter , … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

To Deb’s father! And a buncha other people Kup ViagrÄ™ bez recepty , like my friends and former colleagues Rich and Steve, former President George W. “LBJ” Bush and thanks for making Barack Wilson Nixon-Carter possible, etc. But for our … Continue reading

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Speaking of Snow…

The downstairs neighbors are morons. They insist on the end spot so they can get out easily when it snows, then leave almost a full car length between them and end of driveway, making it hard for us to park … Continue reading

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Not Official But…

The job I have totally not blogged about as intended is planning to keep me beyond seasonal. I am “reliable and a hard worker.” I’d been wanting to post about how cool it is, in terms of logistics, handling and … Continue reading

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Poll Results

No not like this poll or that poll, but one of those periodic Right Wing News polls of bloggers I sometimes participate in, as I did this one. Speaking of those polls, McCain was all over the map in the … Continue reading

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Smart Enough to Vote?

Ah, but are any of them smart enough to be President? Easy questions in this quiz, IMHO, and not necessarily all relevant… You Should Be Allowed to Vote You got 15/15 questions correct. Generally speaking, you’re very well informed. If … Continue reading

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Equal Opportunity Polling

I did a poll of who Barack Obama would be like in practice as President, which was fun and snarky and all, but why leave McCain out of it? Looks like on the other one I neglected to point out … Continue reading

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Presidential Poll

No, not who will be elected, but who you might expect Barack Obama to remind you of should he be elected. Annointed? Sprung forth like a mighty oak from a mere ACORN? Anyway, for your amusement… What other President will … Continue reading

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