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Presidential Poll

No, not who will be elected, but who you might expect Barack Obama to remind you of should he be elected. Annointed? Sprung forth like a mighty oak from a mere ACORN? Anyway, for your amusement…

What other President will Obama be most like if elected?
Jimmy Carter
George W. Bush
Warren Harding
Woodrow Wilson
Nehemiah Scudder
John F. Kennedy
Richard Nixon
Franklin Roosevelt
Al Gore
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2 replies on “Presidential Poll”

[…] I did a poll of who Barack Obama would be like in practice as President, which was fun and snarky and all, but why leave McCain out of it? Looks like on the other one I neglected to point out that I was including alt history/fictional options for entertainment value. Otherwise, I was trying to stick to Presidents/dictators of the US, though I see in the prior post I phrased it as “remind you of” who, rather generic sounding. Anyway, here you are… […]

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