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Censorious Dreams

Valerie has had the same nightmare about our house being on fire and us having to escape it two nights in a row, with no apparent provocation or prior similar nightmares. She seemed a little feverish this AM, so maybe … Continue reading

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Happy 8th Blogiversary!

To Venemous Kate, who started out at almost the same time I did. A lot of us did, from mid-2002 through mid-2003 or so. Mine was February 25th. When Kate exploded onto the scene, I assumed she’d been long established, … Continue reading

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Drugs and Change

Recently I got an ear infection. Not shocking, given my childhood propensity for them and the fact that I’ve been almost continuously sick since Sadie started kindergarten in September, culminating with and resuming after a quick bout of flu and … Continue reading

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Still Poor

Just checked. Didn’t win Megamillions. Don’t often do it, but bought one a few days ago on a whim when I saw the jackpot sign in Hannaford. $127 million would solve everything! And yes, I know, but even after taxes, … Continue reading

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I remember playing Scrabble for Juniors with my mother at a fairly young age, and regular Scrabble sometime not much later. I could read before I even started school, so young I don’t remember ever not knowing how. I have … Continue reading

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Looking Forward to This!

Except it still seems a little weird having Atlas Shrugged updated to be set in modern times, and the characters don’t look much like my mental images. Reardon, to whom I most relate, comes closest. I’m overdue for a reread, … Continue reading

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Link Dump 2

Continued from and explained in Link Dump 1. Schoolhouse Barack Eggless batter for deep fried shrimp (works nicely for chicken, came out just like Chinese chicken fingers but that Henry can eat, moved from this to lighter tempura style) It’s … Continue reading

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Link Dump 1

I have spents months and months accumulating bookmarks under a “blog this” folder, meaning to post the links and most likely some amount of text on some blog or another. Probably not this one, but for this purpose it’s handy … Continue reading

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Vewwy Vewwy Quiet?

A couple weeks ago I had my first ever parent-teacher conference. Felt weird, being the parent rather than the kid, but I’d also looked forward to it, since I didn’t have a definitive idea how Sadie was doing. She loves … Continue reading

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Six Years!

Happy birthday to Sadie! She turned six today. Time flies! We actually celebrated yesterday. Deb had the day off, and doesn’t see Sadie on days she works and Sadie has school. Her class celebrated her birthday today, so she came … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace

A sad announcement. Paul, of the former and missed blog Sanity’s Edge, was lost to cancer in July.

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Cast Off

Monday Sadie got her walking cast off, got still more X-rays, and was allowed to leave cast-free. Yay! She faces 10 days of taking it easier than normal – walking on even surfaces, no roughhousing, nothing athletic, going in a … Continue reading

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Not Sure I Will Ever Get Used To…

Buying almost a loaf of bread per day! It’s just crazy. The actual usage is probably about 3 large sandwich loaves per 4 days, 5 days if we’re on a slower streak or eating outside the house a lot or … Continue reading

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And We Mean It!

[I originally started this post a week ago last Monday, July 12, got interrupted, never finished and posted it, and so here it is. Not bothering to edit the timeframe up to the point I'll indicate I am adding to … Continue reading

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One More Day!

Or so I hope! Tomorrow morning I take Sadie to get her cast off and get X-rays. Presumably that will be it, and we will return home triumphantly cast-free after three weeks. Via some errands. And a trip by my … Continue reading

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Sadie’s Leg, Part 2

Just a followup, since I didn’t post what happened subsequently yesterday. We saw the same orthopedic guy Sadie once saw to have her walk/gait evaluated on doctor’s concern. He looked at the X-rays and pointed out the spot, which is … Continue reading

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Broken Leg

Last night just after 8:00 I was trying to coax Henry to get into a pullup for the night, while Sadie and then he started, per usual, jumping on the bed like maniacs. All of a sudden I hear a … Continue reading

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AWOL and the Tooth Fairy

Poor Sadie. A couple days ago, she lost a lower front tooth. I mean, lost it, when it fell out in an unknown place, time and manner. She had been telling me it was loose, had been excited, and I’d … Continue reading

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First, I’ve increased my blogging, but most of it you will find elsewhere. Some of that is strategic, building a new set of blogs explicitly around the things I want to cover, purposefully for brand and prospective revenue building. Some … Continue reading

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