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Link Dump 1

I have spents months and months accumulating bookmarks under a “blog this” folder, meaning to post the links and most likely some amount of text on some blog or another. Probably not this one, but for this purpose it’s handy and, hey, content here can’t hurt. Plus I can yet write something about these elsewhere, as opposed to links only. I was going to do a single post, but I suspect I have so many that it ought to be divided.

Presented with minimal description and no extraneous comment, then, here are the first of those accumulated links, oldest to newest.

Women and verbal violence against men

Loophole in registration of paid tax preparers (which is a huge change and one I object to, as a former paid preparer.)

Professional expectations

I know! Let’s talk about sex!

Financial advice

Food timeline

Obesity myth

Really an allergy?

Low carb and blood pressure

New Heinz ketchup packet

Alton Brown: Best cookbooks

Sexual anorexia

Brain blood vessels and MS

Autism: Life Among the ‘Yakkity Yaks’

Vegan buttercream frosting

The next three are connected to each other and make more sense that way. We love this book.

Michael Glenn Monroe

A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree (video reading of book)

A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree (Amazon)

Premodern Cooking

Housing crash continues

Regular painkiller use and hearing loss

Did discovery of cooking make us human?

Forbes on Pioneer Woman

Jason Fried interview

Amusement park jobs

Extreme couponing

War on baby girls

“I need eight hours to get maybe 20 minutes of work done.” Not a quote from me, but could be…

Roots (excellent, on complex numbers)

Absurd salt ban

Oopsie rolls

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