Birthdays Kids

Six Years!

Happy birthday to Sadie! She turned six today. Time flies!

We actually celebrated yesterday. Deb had the day off, and doesn’t see Sadie on days she works and Sadie has school. Her class celebrated her birthday today, so she came home with a crown, a card signed by everyone, and a book she received as a gift.

Between grandparents, geat-grandparents and us she got some clothes, the backpack she uses for school (that was an early present), a big set of pens of different colors, a blue clipboard, construction paper, folders, a giant box of Junior Mints, Play-Doh, and a movie. The other two got single cans of Play-Doh and shirts. Henry loves his big green T-shirt and wore it today even though it hadn’t had the new washed out of it yet. I got a pair of safe scissors for them to share, and a ream of paper to keep supplies up for Sadie, without officially giving it to Sadie.

I made her a vanilla cake with apple flavored frosting, per her request, and which was an adventure. She wanted the frosting red, but supervised the coloring and stopped me at bright pink. She wanted green writing on it. Ended up with green highlights and a set of sugar letters, colored green on blue, for the writing. The kids helped Deb put them on, and they put on the candles.

I am an hour or so past bedtime already, so no pictures right now, and I didn’t get much from the birthday festivities anyway. Just that it’s traditional to be like “aw, look how little she was” with a retrospective. Or at least a link to her arrival.

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