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Partly to promote it and partly to make the URL easy for me to fetch, I want to note that after the 7 day fire sale auction, which actually did attract a single, last minute bid that met the minimum bid but not the reserve price, I have put for sale on the slow boat. It’s up on the offer/counteroffer with buy now plan, listed for 90 days or until it sells. No bells and whistles, just a single category, no theoretically prominent placement, no extra cost above my already existing auction account. Buy now is a reasonable $2000. Minimum bid is a steal at $500, and while I might entertain that, I’ll be sad to see it go for that little (which is probably why I originally typed here that the minimum was $1000, that being the low end of what it should fetch). It’s the original xtremeware, a very old if underused domain, with Page Rank of 5 currently.

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