Business Geekery Money Totally Random Also Up for Auction

In addition to the noted offering, I have put for sale. I’m not stressed about selling it, but I also have no special need to keep it as a souvenir of the former business. The content is also available via and won’t even have to be moved. It’s not the killer domain that theoretically is, but it is the number two Google hit for xtreme computing, it’s Page Rank 4, and it’s an 11 year old domain that’s shorter than some of the available alternatives one might use for what ended up being a weirdly popular business name after we adopted it in 1996 (especially if you include variant spellings/words like extreme and computers).

This is to help promote it and make the URL of the auction easier for me to fetch. It’s on 90 day offer/counteroffer with buy now. The buy now price is a steal at $1000, and the minimum bid is insultingly low at $300. Probably adequate enough, but priced relative to the other one and not minding ditching it relatively cheap, rather than what it might potentially fetch. I mean, if I were to accept the minimum, that’s what one might charge for a few link ads on the site for a year, but for total ownership.

We’ll see what happens. I could use the money, duh, and that’s not going to change until long after I develop more of a steady income. It’s a no marginal cost way potentially to liquidate an unneeded asset of some value.

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