Lopsidedly Hypothetical

There’s another Instapundit poll I just had to point to because the results are so fascinating (and it’s an interesting question, which I’d love to see the results of if the 1st place finisher were excluded). The question:

If you could choose one of these recent presidents to be elected in place of McCain or Obama, which would it be?

The options are every President from Eisenhower through Clinton.

The overwhelming choice is obvious, and underscores where the Republicans have gone awry in the past several years, both rhetorically and in practice.

What’s fascinating is not who is a solid second, which probably takes the preceding paragraph and amplifies it. No, the intriguing part is who came in third and fourth, and how strongly.

I’d love to see the distribution if 82% dude’s votes were divided up to all the respective second choices.

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