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Happy Birthday Valerie!

Valerie is 4 years old today! Four years and a couple hours ago she was our least eventful of the three arrivals. She seemed so mellow for a while! Still, no amount of tempermental could ever make me regret my … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

To Michael and Esther, Deb’s awesome brother and his wife. They were married just three days after us, marking six years for them, but they knew each other longer, and had a good idea what to expect even after they … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace

My cousin Wanda died at the age of 47 on Wednesday. I don’t know details beyond that, but in keeping with modern times I found out online, rather than via a call, and from my cousin’s elder daughter, rather than … Continue reading

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Teeth and Acid and Gas, Oh My

Due to genetics compounded by parenting errors and circumstance, all three kids require a mouth full of dentistry under general anesthesia to fix their teeth, relieve pain mainly in Valerie’s case, and set them up to get through to their … Continue reading

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No More Hats

Looks like next year we will have to put out a stop request on all hats, mittens, and scarves. The kids have multiple each now. As many as half a dozen.

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Sometime In October…

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Dead Zone

One problem we’ve had lately is exactly this dead zone, which you can see as a sharp drop in the 30s before the steadier line upward. You have to click the chart to see a bigger version. And basically if … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

To Sadie, who is 5 today. Okay, so this is retroactive, but who’s counting.  I’d post birthday picture(s), but none were taken. Seriously, though… time flies.

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Birthday Boy

Henry turned two today! Time flies. Well, kind of. It’s been kind of hot for baking, but I made a cake we had at my grandmother’s Sunday, and you’ve never seen a kid more delighted to be the center of … Continue reading

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Sadie Does Watercolors

Sadie insisted, supported by the others, on letting the Tinkerbell movie DVD play over and over and over for more than two days. I noticed it went all through the “making of” parts in the process, and turns out Sadie … Continue reading

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He may not be allergic to strawberries, but man is Henry allergic to something in a big way. We spent much of the afternoon and evening with my mother and grandmother. Late in the day, my mother doled out M&M’s, … Continue reading

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For the record and any who might care to know, given his history, Henry not only seems unambiguously not allergic to strawberries, but also has decided he likes them a lot. He’d mostly snubbed them previously. That seemed significant, given … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

To Deb’s father! And a buncha other people, like my friends and former colleagues Rich and Steve, former President George W. “LBJ” Bush and thanks for making Barack Wilson Nixon-Carter possible, etc. But for our purposes here, David is the … Continue reading

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Many Names of Sadie

Sadie has acquired an impressive number of names, first and/or middle: Sadie Rose Zephram Veruca Rory Just Shayro Obviously there’s here given name, Sadie Rose, and I didn’t even include in the list our sometimes reversing it to Rosie Sade. … Continue reading

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Deb had suggested recently that it was time sooner rather than later for Sadie to go to her first movie in a theater, which I’d been thinking of, but in terms of later this year or sometime next year. Sadie … Continue reading

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These Things Aren’t Always Simple But…

His wife, who used to look up to him as a glamorous writer, begins to view him as an “unreliable employee.” From Patriarch to Patsy Via Dr. Helen, via her hubby.

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Phone Picture

This is a picture taken with my new phone. Thus the fuzziness, but it’s kind of cute.

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Favorite Sweater

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TGI Spring

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