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Sadie Art

I’ve been meaning to scan and post some of Sadie’s drawings. Her current favorite is to use pen in a tiny notepad she carries around. I bet she’ll see pens and tiny notepads in her stocking, if not other art supplies among her gifts. Depends how strapped Santa feels, and that’s looking more so than ought have been the case.

Anyway, more to follow (and maybe a couple more recent kid pics off the camera in the past day), but this is one that particularly charmed me and made me go on the mission to scan selected notebook art. This is us: right to left me, Deb, Sadie, Valerie and Henry. It’s usually us. Which is why it’s cool that there’s one in which the 5th person is a neighbor holding a bowl of candy, while I am with the three kids at her door, taking them trick-or-treating. They are obsessed with trick-or-treat now. Not sure if that’s why Val is currently favoring the color orange where possible.

Anyway, here it is, actually larger than the original, and clickable for a bigger version.

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