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Sadie Art

I scanned in two of Sadie’s latest drawings…

The top one is me handing her a lollipop.

The second one started as a blank on which I had written “Henry” and drawn a circle, before whatever interrupted my session with him. Starting with the circle, Sadie drew, left to right, herself with a pink sippy cup with a pink lid, Valerie with a pink cup with a purple lid, Henry with a blue cup with purple lid, Deb with a blue cup and me with a yellow cup. She drew the grass and our blue house, sun and blue sky, and, having seen me draw “m” birds exactly once when I’d have told you she was paying no attention, a bunch of birds. I think the rest was practice making letters, the extent of which I’d not noticed until I scanned it.

She’s done some cool stuff on the computer, more patterns and shades and stuff than identifiably drawn items, but mostly that gets blown away without being saved. I made her copies of these and put them on their computer (we have them sharing a single one now, rather than the overkill of three or even two, after Henry killed Sadie’s and Valerie’s started dying a natural death) so if she wants she can modify them there, or be inspired by them. She’s excited. I suspect Santa has in mind the possibility of a kid’s easel kind of thing for her this year, but we’ll have to see.

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