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Bailout Poll

John Hawkins did a flash poll, in which I participated, on the bailout. Interesting results, more skewed than I had expected. The last question, though, looks like people answered based not on where they stood, but what they thought public perception must be.

Related to that, it is heartening to see that Barney Frank’s role in the crisis, and its roots in the Carter administration, ballooning from tinkering in the Clinton administration, close ties to Frank, Kerry, Obama and others, and connection to the likes of 9/11 scoundrel Jamie Gorelick are becoming widely known.

5 replies on “Bailout Poll”

Instead of giving all that money to the banks no strings attached.
How about instead you divide that money up and use it to pay off Credit dept, Car loans, and Morgages of Americans?
The banks still get the money. The people have more money to spend because we have less debt.
Seems like a win win situation to me. We will end up paying for the idiots who voted for that moron for the past 2 elections anyway at least this way we will have something to show for it.

I participated in the democratic process. I called Barney Frank’s office ( and 8 others ) indicating my displeasure of the bailout. Interestingly, the person who answered the phone told me that the calls were about 90% AGAINST the bailout. So Barney Frank votes for it…..

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