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Once again, no birthdays today. Or even birthdats todat. Apparently I can’t type, at least not on that part of the qwerty. Or is it qweryt? Anyway…

I worked on the resume with partial usefulness yesterday, but I have an awful time working in a strange place, on a strange computer, in a “do this, only this, in this relatively small block of time” when it comes to that sort of thing. Still, I examined what I already have more closely than before. Basically I tend to write it and walk away, barely able to look at it again. Which is why on an actual read I am sometimes shocked to realize how good it is, or that I already thought of the aspects I am thinking in retrospect I ought have included or phrased thus and so.

Which means that perhaps less change or variation is in order than I had thought.

The big problem is keyword bingo by resume stalkers. There is no nuance. If I mention Language X because I dabbled in it and having a passing exposure that makes me better rounded or gives me a slight leg up on learning it for real, a keyword harvester might flag me for a prospective senior programmer in Language X. No subtlety.

Where was I?

So I guess I need to change the keywords, including to remove some that are obsolete, there mainly to say “I’m a bigger geek than anyone else you could hire and have dealt with things you never heard of since you were just a pup” to prospective employers.

I eventually realized that in my original I could change the blurb at the top and not have to change much else to emphasize what I might want to do.

I would like to change it to move the skills keywords and create sections that are technical and otherwise, which would be another place to modify the focus. That’s what I need to work on today. Which means as soon as I open a copy of the resume to edit, the kids will go absolutely insane. They’re being unnaturally good now, for the most part. Oops, I mentioned them and here one comes…

Besides that, I need to catch the dishes back up, including moving the crockpot from the soaking to the washed category. Do some other cleaning. At the very least get to a store for toilet paper, maybe after Deb gets home, but today or tomorrow it’s time for a big grocery run to Wal-Mart. That might be today with the kids, which could be fun. If not, tomorrow.

I still need to price parts toward finishing my niece’s computer, and figure out how I am going to juggle the obtaining of money and ordering of same.

Alongside improving the resume, I need to fix up my LinkedIn profile and work on the rest of the marketing plan. All of this is the priority. Which is why I am inclined to pursue it once I am done with this post (which seems like a diversion but helps me organize and picture what’s to be done, while keeping up the blog content)… well, after I feed the kids before they realize they are starving.

I have a nice, easy supper planned, anyway. Even if it’s not easy, it’s nice to know this early what I will make.

Here goes lunch and then see what I can do…

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