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Since There Are No Birthdays…

Here’s a quick post of this and that while I guzzle some coffee.

Today I am hitting the road to work on the resume again at a secure, undisclosed location where I can plug in the laptop and be offline and mostly alone. Looks like maybe I’ll get my delayed haircut on the way. It’s either that or leave the kids with my mother or sister, or bring someone with me to supervise them, on another day.

It has to be done now, duh, and even at that there’s no telling how I will keep a couple things paid in the next couple weeks. At least that’s a matter of being a couple hundred shy, not really insane amounts.

Speaking of fundraising, I should have done something like Chris Muir did, offering levels of tech support type of answers or such for donations.

I also have to work on my contacts/networking list and presentation. I started creating a list in July as part of this plan, with a core of my exported LinkedIn connections, supplemented by people who aren’t in LinkedIn. Earlier this year I started cleaning up my e-mail address book with an eye to that, but some of that ended up purged entirely and in spreadsheets, waiting to be organized. This will be in waves anyway, just don’t want to send duplicates. The audiences vary. Part of the plan was not just to say “hey, need job” but to say “hey, available for itinerant micro-work of these types.” Itinerant? Whatever the word would be.

So hey, if you know me enough that I have your e-mail address, don’t be surprised when you receive something like that.

I’ve been working on my niece’s computer, which appears only to have had the power supply fried. Backed up the data from it in case, once I had it going. I miss having spare power supplies as replacement parts. Used to keep some ahead in my office because those blowing in the big client’s computers was such a common thing. That’ll wait, for today, and I’ll have to price power supplies (and a secondary hard drive) this week to order. So far, there’s been none of the odd behavior that might mean things surged past the power supply and left damage.

I’m sure there was more, but I can’t think of it and need to get moving. Perhaps I’ll post a picture too.

Ah, Henry. He’s been doing nicely. He tasted ketchup last night and was fine. Apparently he took it upon himself to taste relish later, by dumping Sadie’s plate off the table. He eats small amounts of all beef hot dogs and is fine with them. He didn’t eat barbecue shredded pork with us, just the unsauced version, but he did have beef and gravy I made that was very strongly flavored. Bay leaf, celery and such. He eats but isn’t enthusiastic about canned pineapple in heavy syrup. He’d eat a whole can of pears himself if we’d let him. Ketchup was the big thing that’s new. He can eat mayo, too, but apparently he can’t get it on his skin. He not only thinks scrambled eggs are the devil, even though he can have eggs, he also was not fooled by eggs hidden in French toast. He loves toast and bread, but scorned French toast, which came out almost custard tasting and was delicious. Funny.

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