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That Went Well

I had a phone interview this morning for a support job that would be largely from home, and relatively advanced as such things go, making it more interesting. I will have to speak with a number of people there before the process is complete, so the bad part is it could take a while, and at any given time their numbers could tilt them into not hiring just now, suspending the process. The woman I spoke with wanted to get it rolling, and I was highly recommended to them by a former colleague. I came away excited about the prospect.

My second interview is a week from today, at 3 PM.

I like the idea of the from home thing because it keeps me relatively available and eliminates commute time and gas expense. We’ll still need babysitting and/or to arrange Deb’s schedule accordingly. Sad that we missed out on the free babysitting gravytrain, or even the almost free version that would mean actually giving my mother (or whoever) gas money for coming to babysit as much as full time hours. Oh well.

Anyway, cross your fingers, and maybe we’ll still have electricity and I won’t be living in a tent for my third interview and when I ultimately get presumably hired.

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