Today I had my visit to the doctor to have sutures removed, from where I had a mole and skin tag removed. Those were benign. He’d like to remove more skin tags, so said to remind him next visit. Seems like that’s more likely to be cosmetic than medical, though you never know.

He did a quick check of the blood pressure, which was 140/90 on the left, which he considers good, for me. He joked he wouldn’t even tell me what it was on the right, because it spiked as I answered questions and hit the sensitive zone. Which is funny, because he observed that I used exactly the same flat tone as a patient he has whose answers would have gone like:
“How are you?”
How are the kids?
“How is the wife?”
“Good. I just slit my wrist. You should see the blood.”

Except instead of the last two sentences I said “we’re getting divorced.” That must have been interesting, timed exactly with the right arm blood pressure reading.

I go back in six weeks for blood pressure and whatever else. I neglected to mention the back thing, which I think is mainly in hands of neurosurgeon for now, but man the symptoms have gotten interesting. Some of the weirdest seem to be as much a matter of sleep deprivation as anything.

Our insurance leaves a lot to be desired. The whole mandate thing falls kind of short if too few places actually accept the plan.

Anyway, back to attempting to sleep a couple hours. Henry fell asleep early as if it was nap time, then woke after the rest of us went to bed. Deb took him in with them, but I was already on the trajectory of giving up and sitting in here to maybe fall asleep in my chair, with or without him.

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