I Still Think It’s Weird…

My back has not bothered me nearly as much since the mole was removed from the vicinity of the worst pain. I’ve still have the numbness and such, and can more or less predict what and when can cause it, as well as it being unexpected other times. Even that, with one extreme exception that helped keep me awake for hours, seems to have improved. Makes no sense.

Meant to call the neurosurgeon and doctor today. The former because I need to make an appointment, even if they have no results or copy of the MRI yet. The latter with questions, maybe for a freeform referral.

Maybe tomorrow.

Mainly intended to leave house to do combined computer work and job hunting work tomorrow, maybe go out just to be out, but I believe I am wanted here at the time that latter element would be. Plus then I am not forced to spend money I don’t have. I use a tank of gas every two weeks if I don’t do extraordinary driving, have car insurance and cell phone, and after that there is approximately zero per month left from my FredCo and ad money for anything else, if there’s not extra side or ad money, or a month when car insurance is paid off for the year. Everything else goes to rent and household. I’ve been spending too much, so I don’t know where the money will come from for the things I have to pay next time I have to pay them. But I digress.

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