We are planning to take Henry for his first haircut, same time as I get mine cut. He needs it bad. I kind of need it. Mine is in that stage where if it’s washed, brushed into place, allowed to dry, and doesn’t get mussed, it looks especially good but is about not to. I always assume people think I am fat and hopelessly ugly, but even I can sometimes see when… not so much. The other day I was out and in peak appearance, plus for some reason feeling excellent and confident entirely at odds with circumstances. Caught a cashier spontaneously reacting to me when she saw me. Not like that never happens, but for some reason I am impossible to convince. It’s as if everyone has to be impressed always, or I take any who aren’t as gospel. That left me pondering for the next day. Or more, since apparently I remain ponderous. At least in the volume of words I produce about it when it’s not necessarily the topic at hand.

Anyway, it’s time. He looks like a budding rock star, in addition to action like the kid who’ll want a guitar when he is four. I am right at the correct point without going much, if any, over.

It’s Deb’s day off that we generally designate as my day for whatever I want, and in that sense I made no plans. However, it enables everyone to go, so the kids all get an outing and there is someone to occupy/watch Henry while I am in the chair. She gets to experience the first haircut that way.

Also easier for getting pictures, which we’ll try to do. Since that is the case, I’m going to try to get some of me. Intentionally! Before and after. Recently realized lack of recent good pictures of me, or any, and I am down 75 lbs, to 233, with my only remaining goal being to get into the 220s and never to rise above the 230s again. Let alone pics good for a head shot/avatar or an informal portrait. I don’t have a way to show what I currently look like. As much as I hate pics of myself, I’d like to change that.

And it’s late and I need more coffee but have barely time to get dressed and leave dammit! Guess it’s post and off to the package mines for me.

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