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When Henry is Asleep on Me, It’s Easy to Take These

I got carried away. Some are definitely or possibly repeats, like the “Acid” result is even the same as it was way back.

Your Brain is Creative

You have a dreamy mind, full of fancy and fantasy.
You have the ability to stay forever entertained with your thoughts.
People may say you’re hard to read, but that’s because you’re so internally focused.
But when you do share what you’re thinking, people are impressed with your imagination.
What Pattern Is Your Brain?

Your Hidden Talent is Understanding People

Your natural talent is interpersonal relations and dealing with people.
You communicate well and are able to bring disparate groups together.
Your calming presence helps everything go more smoothly.
People crave your praise and complements.
What’s Your Hidden Talent?

You Can Say “Merry Christmas” in 10 Languages

You can say “Merry Christmas” in:


How Many Languages Can You Say “Merry Christmas” In?

Amused. Many are easy to guess or extrapolate, though, for a cunning linguist.

Your Vocabulary Score: A

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.
How’s Your Vocabulary?

You Speak New England Slang

New England Slang: 75%

Aussie Slang: 50%

Canadian Slang: 50%

Southern Slang: 50%

Prison Slang: 25%

British Slang: 0%

What Slanguage Do You Speak?

At least it came out appropriate. Some of them I’d never heard at all and picked one that sounded good.

Your Personality Is Like Acid

A bit wacky, you’re very difficult to predict.
One moment you’re in your own little happy universe…
And the next, you’re on a bad trip to your own personal hell!

At your best: You understand the world completely, and every ordinary experience is sublime.

What people like about being around you: You say and do the craziest things. You’re very entertaining.

What people dislike about being around you: You’re unpredictable. Your mood swings are quite intense.

How addicted people get to you: They pretty much don’t get addicted to you.

What Drug Is Your Personality Like?

You Belong in the Baby Boomer Generation

You fit in best with people born between 1943 and 1960.
You are optimistic, rebellious, and even a little self centered.
You still believe that you will change the world.
You detest authority and rules. Deep down, you’re a non conformist.
What Generation Do You Belong In?

By at least some definitions the baby boom ended in 1964, so appropriate enough, even if that “generation” is no monolithic as such. How is someone born 1948 so much like 1961 in outlook and experience? Yeah.

You Communicate Honestly

You don’t mince words. You are to the point and all about the facts.
However, you are charming enough to tell people the truth yet still not offend them.

It’s likely that you have a hilarious, no holds barred sense of humor. And you sure tell an entertaining story!
You’re also quite open. People can ask you anything, and you don’t shy away from controversial conversation topics.

What Kind of Communicator Are You?

That and next one seem to claim I am the kind of storyteller I was telling Deb she can be, making her already larger than life experiences sound almost unbelievable, or building on what’s real and ordinary to make it more extreme or impressive.

You Are a Playwright

You are a highly literate wordsmith. You love both reading and writing.
You are also a natural storyteller. You can turn a mediocre anecdote into a riveting tale.

You find people and all aspects of life fascinating. No topic is off limits for you.
In modern times, you would make a good filmmaker or novelist.

What’s Your Medieval Profession?

You Are Not Assertive

You aren’t very assertive. You tend to have trouble expressing your needs and wants.
Instead, you tend to get very frustrated if people don’t read your mind!

You may want to be more assertive, but when the time comes, you find yourself at a loss for words.
Try practicing what you’ll say ahead of time, and try being assertive with little things first.

How Assertive Are You?

And this is a major problem for me. Nor am I incapable of it! It seems to have been trained out of me early and often. Deb has observed I can be like a dog that’s been beaten too many times, which is a reasonable observation.

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