Tunnel End Note

You may recall we’d gotten behind on the gas & electric and had to do a fundraiser, then pay the rest of the arrears in installments, while also keeping current. Paying early each month, in fact.

There is a discount for paying each month’s bill early, which we have been doing, but because of the arrears we lose that, so in effect that has been adding a small amount to the balance at the end, effectively adding a month, which I calculated last month (since we couldn’t remember exactly and wanted to figure it out) meant April.

Well, the account has a notation regarding the payment plan and is flagged not to be shut off, but their computers are on autopilot as far as generating notices. Thus each month we get the bill, and then we get the pay or die notice.

This month? The amount considered so far behind it means a shutoff is less than the amount we pay. And there will only be one full and one partial payment to put us current, freeing the amount for other things and stopping the monthly loss of discount, not inconsiderable. Coinciding with downward seasonal fluctuation.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

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