Totally Random


I’ve been thinking that the only way I am going to post anything is if I post short snippets of news, commentary or announcement, without it being elaborated or in omnibus form as might be my wont. This is one of them. It’s an announcement.

On Christmas we are staying home. We are not going anywhere for dinner or presents. The kids take forever opening stuff and being avid about it all day anyway, but Deb works the days before and after, crappy hours, at the crescendo of the season. Just no. I have two days off then, unlike Thanksgiving when I had to work the morning of but had the next off, but again with the crescendo of the season.

We will not be entertaining visitors that day.

I might be persuaded to bring [lengthy pause here – this is why posts don’t get written, beyond the after effects of the threatening situation several months ago] [I have no idea what I was saying…] [ah, think I’ve got it…] the kids to one “Christmas” outside the house. [And here I pause again, thanks Valerie…] Once.

Last year there were four Christmases. No. We’re at one and counting. The special family dinner in a function room is not going to be an excuse for five of them. Don’t drop by. Don’t “forget” presents when we’re there so there’s an excuse to visit on a subsequent day. And for goodness sake don’t barge in on Deb’s next day off after Christmas and completely relax what little unwinding might be possible in among the vast amount of stuff to do that you will be completely devastating. Just like any other Monday you might waltz in and make yourself at home for a couple hours, only more so.

Short? Well, it was supposed to be.

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