Yesterday I missed the birthday of blogger Livey, who has a private blog now so it wouldn’t have merited a link anyway.

Today would have been the birthday of my great-aunt, my father’s aunt, Elsie, who’d be north of 100 if she were still around, rather than merely being 90-something as she achieved in the end.

Today my uncle Billy, my mother’s brother, would have been 77. He drowned while lobstering in 1975, along with his brother, who Henry sometimes particularly resembles.

The old computer my life is on, including the birthdays in convenient form, is having issues I am not sure whether are hardware or software. It’s becoming increasingly hard to check e-mail across every account at once and to look up the day’s birthdays as a result. I may have to pre-post a bunch of them as I have it running, as it is right now in safe mode to see if it stays going or still shuts down spontaneously. The behavior is classic hardware failure, but acts like a software problem.

Hands hurt to type from the job, so that’s about it for now.

Well, that and I need to figure out supper and try to feed everyone early and reset the twerps to a better bedtime.

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