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So Much to Say!

I really must find time. Need to do a Henry update, though that can be summed up mainly by noting he seems to have grown significantly out of some of the more peripheral sensitivity, like to azo dyes and salicylates. At the same time, sometimes he breaks out mysteriously and in sufficient isolation that there could be a problem with, say, a specific spice, like nutmeg or such. Related to that, I should really do some food blogging.

Then there is the work thing. While some may sneer at a part time grunt job that supplements our income without totally rescuing us, while keeping us from having child care issues and leaving the potential for me to make additional on the side or build toward future returns, it’s helping, even as it’s disruptive and taking getting used to schedule-wise. The brutal grunt work? Not a problem. Even less so than I’d expected, and apparently they’re happy with me. The sleep deficit is a bit much though. Due to circumstances, I only just got boots today. That ought to save my sneakers from further trauma and help my feet.

Anyway, gotta go. Punctuated by my other computer having shut itself off. Again. This time without the browser running. It acts like it could be hardware, or as likely could be a software thing that seems to happen under the right circumstances, centered on what and how many web pages are open in Firefox.

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