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I Got Sumpin To Say

And not “it’s better to burn out than fade away.”

Trouble is, the crazy schedule has created a mess and has thus far eluded my need to rule it. That has to change, and assuming I survive the part time job and adapt the rest of the way soon, which is mainly a matter of sleep and my old injury from Renovator’s Supply flaring only temporarily (since it does reduce the problem to build the arm muscle, and if there’s one thing I’m doing it’s moving muscle), it should.

One victim has been my time and energy to post, even though I have more I want to as a side-effect. Annoying.

I want to talk about the week working in Marion and how that impacted Halliday, Renovator’s Supply and how that impacted this job (and everything in between), how and why this is a reset, and so forth.

I’ve been getting up at 2 AM or so, following between 2 and perhaps as much as 5 hours sleep. When I get home, if I am not too wired, I might get an hour or so real sleep. Most days so far I am a zombie, and walk around varying degrees of sore. Sometimes I have gotten more sleep, or more meaningful napping, but usually any sleep I get during the day is a few minutes at a time, sometimes not even intentionally.

The work so far mostly consists of unloading packages off trailers, sometimes helping to route oddball items. I ruled the first few days, apparently managing almost full speed. Or as close as people get, because nobody actually manages the spec. I’ve slipped this week. Spec would mean 50 minutes for an entire trailer, with actual normal being closer to 90. I’ve gone 120 or so at least once. The first day after the weekend I could barely move and took most of the shift to loosen up. I’ve had trouble staying hydrated enough. My weight has fluctuated in a 15 lb range the past 10 days. I’ve already built a lot of muscle, which would explain any non-water weight gain.

Kids are screaming and stuff, and I need to check the stove and work on food prep and stuff some more. No birthdays tomorrow either, but perhaps I can post a picture or few. There are a bunch.

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