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For Deb’s Birthday…

I got me a job.

I start Tuesday at 1 AM for a seasonal, part time package handler job in a local distribution center. Normally it’ll be 3 AM to 8 AM, peaking starting a little earlier, and usually ending earlier when it’s not peak. Preferably I can stay after 8 AM if there’s an emergency, like a truck delayed by traffic. I’d expect that to be rare, and hope we can handle it by Deb having some flexibility and/or being able to bundle the kids to someone, or have someone run down to watch them for a little while.

Ironically, they called while I was taking the kids to hang out with Sharon and their cousins while I did a one-shot spot of computer work worth about three days of package handling.

It’ll help. Plus the structure, exercise, and if I land something else I may be able to keep it and just be extra busy for the last bit of the year. If it really works out, there’s a chance of it going past the season. We’ll see, as it’s a rough, cannon fodder kind of job. Being slightly less worried about money for a while will help. It’s incredibly annoying to be in situations like right now, where I can afford $29 to have the car inspected, but that leaves a buck to buy and mount the two 14″ tires it needs.

Kids are making unpromising sounds in the other room. Off I go…

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