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So I get up today from a night at the bladder races and find that the rotating links ads at one of our sites are broken after recent hosting changes. Looks like probably it’s a matter of a change to php.ini that bars includes, on which the ads depend or they just display as errors.

I’m here troubleshooting that, because it’s urgent not to lose the revenue that specifically pays most of our electric arrears each month and, when that’s paid off, will nicely cover something else. Aside from being my primary machine, oldest or not (well, not the oldest, but the oldest that started out as a home machine and has not already been retired or reassigned), the one I used for troubleshooting conveniently has all my info and saved logins and such on it, so I gravitate there. Only to have it repeatedly turn itself off.

It used to do that while I used Google Earth, so I removed that. I was suspicious it might be specific web code, and maybe it still is, since it only happens when I am on the web, but then if the monitor is on and I am using the machine (which generally stays of 7×24), I usually am on the web. It is interesting that it never seems to turn itself off while it’s on and nothing is running overnight.

It did that three times close together this morning, so I’ve decided it probably needs a power supply. Sadly, I no longer have an excess of those around, but I should be able to grab an old one from a machine that isn’t actively beinbg used. Meanwhile, I e-mailed support from this machine, since Google tells me probably the web host needs to fix the setting. It’s the same account where Deb’s blog disappeared as an add-on domain after they changed things, so not a surprise for more to be wrong.

Hopefully the PHP thing will be fixed soon, and I needed to do hardware work anyway. I’ll probably feed the kids lunch first, then clear off the table, retest my niece’s machine, order parts for it, then work on my machine. Saving the old power supply in case it is software causing the shut-offs. Or other hardware, since it could be the motherboard. I joked that maybe it was tin whiskers.

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If you’re interested, I have an extra (older) computer lying around that we no longer need. It’s yours if you want or need it… in exchange for some more of those knit coasters, maybe? My wife loves them.

(- signed, Bad Horse) LOL!

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