Birthdays Kids


Tomorrow is Sadie’s birthday. A couple of cousins have birthdays near now as well. It’s Sunday.

This means cake at my grandmother’s, where we are going for dinner, except we are supposed to be there at 11:00, which means I already need to have drank all my coffee and showered and started trying to herd kids, because it takes hours. Though we’ve gotten better. Key is probably to make sure diaper bag is ready and clothes are selected now, not later.

Tomorrow we will have cake here.

Then Saturday there’s a cookout and pumpkin picking party at my brother’s, oriented to the kids. It was originally at 2 PM, but there will be a bonfire, so 3:30. After the bullshit with people with firepits all around us, making us sick with smoke all summer! How ironic is it to be invited to a party of the same variety?

Anyway, we’re in a conundrum, because that throws the thing late enough to mess with the evening. I’m thinking to eat and get pumpkins and pretty much leave so the time is reasonable, but that relies on kids not freaking because they know there’s more. Also need to figure out what to bring for food to share, and how to cover the gas.

Ugh, time to start gulping coffee. You’d think almost an hour into being up I’d have had my first cup. And a shower, or I am not going anywhere, no matter what day it is.

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