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ER Aftermath

Well, it’s the morning after the emergency room run. He actually looked worse in the end than the pictures showed, and was engulfed in places not pictured.

By 10 PM it had subsided significantly but still looked bad. That was time for a new dose of Benadryl, then he participated in some book reading and hell raising before getting in bed with Deb.

He slept like a rock until 8:30, when we both got up, well ahead of his sisters.

No more hives.

Okay, not exactly no sign, since looking closely in some of the worst areas it’s like there are ghostly scars, redder skin than it should be. Presumably that will fade.

Not only did we not wake him for a 4 AM dose of Benadryl, but also I haven’t bothered with one this morning. If there seems to be the slightest reason, I won’t hesitate.

We probably won’t even worry about filling the prescription, since that was due to be given at 6 PM today only if he still had hives.

All that’s left, besides avoiding eggs, is calling the doctor Monday to arrange allergy testing. That, and I’m curious whether anyone on my side has ever had egg allergies. I know about some allergies or sensitivities to milk, clams, garlic and onions, raw tomato, but can’t remember eggs… or maybe I am thinking my older brother had that problem. Hmmm… Anyone?

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