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Not Hysterics

I had to take Henry to the ER this evening. As far as we can tell, he is allergic to eggs. He ate far and away his largest serving of eggs so far, scrambled, at noon. He was reacting full-blown about the time Deb got home. We gave him Benadryl, and it no more than slowed it some this time. This is what he looked like after we got home:

This is extreme, but yeah, we aren’t kidding about the sensitivities and allergies. Morton Hospital was awesome. I drove him over there and we got right in. They gave him prednisone, and we have to give him Benadryl every six hours until it subsides and another dose of prednisone if needed about 6 PM tomorrow. We are to call the doctor Monday and arrange allergy testing, now that he’s over a year old. It took no time, and he mostly had fun and charmed people. As I type this, it’s finally starting to recede a bit.

Um… recede in places. His belly is massively worse.

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