Totally Random

Almost 11:00 Already?

Where does the day go?

No birthdays today.

Been turning the house upside-down looking for two lost cups. The kids are efficient that way.

Been cleaning cabinets and purging what’s expired and making sure we have no more bugs, after finding them in a couple things recently. Luckily some of the expired spices or spice mixes are things I don’t need or want to replace. It’s hard not to divert into things like “hey, the top of the range hood is gross, I’ll clean it… oops, cleaning it thoroughly removes the paint.”

I have bits of stuff like that to finish or stabilize, but this is also a day off for day and a “try getting work” and activities associated with same day for me, more than normal, with the kids being gone a while during the day.

Heroes was interesting last night. Not certain I love where they went with it, sort of like the fixation with time travel and consequences of same on Enterprise, but cooler.

Need to dismount the air conditioner today. I hadn’t done it yet, and it proved handy for the fan when it was warm again, but if it weren’t there I could simply have opened the window.

Trying and failing to remember other laundry list stuff I might mention here. Oh well. Back to the cup hunt! Which is related to filling the dishwasher the last few percent and running it.

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