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Silly Henry

He is our mail out the so I am using voice dictation to try to work which of course is interesting as you can see if I don’t edit this.

I said I am trying to work actually that’s not what I said I said he is on my lap not he is our mail out.

Anyway I get the last two posts for birthdays using this does voice dictation, which I have to do it in notepad and paste into W.Blogger because this does voice dictation won’t work with anything that’s alien lay out and not based on Internet explorer and stuff because Microsoft is never Microsoft center in a way that makes things difficult for things that are competition.

Everything above is exactly as I spoke it, including this sentence.

Even as honey pulls out my face and trace Two-tone whiskers out at least he is leaving the microphone on what so I could theoretically be saying stuff that I could paste into my resume if I can ping state with him like climbing up one of my hat money had not my hat and. I said my had my head not my hat. C some things it just doesn’t get. Like they had and had and hat thing they said had and had had had a.

The thing I was having trouble with last I may use this was the warts might dog and Doc D were it’s D were its words that start with the letter D obviously vista dictation needs some work.

A gay lets copy and posed as I said OK not a gay. Nah lets copy-and-paste this into are and publish it and you got.

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