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Repost: Security, Spam, Malware…

Originally posted April 29, 2007, now archived here.

For further explanation why this post exists, see Intro to Experience Dump. This is the section for security, antivirus, anti-malware (adware/spyware), and related software. As usual, I may be forgetting some that would fit here…

Sybari Antigen & Spam Manager
Norton Antivirus/Internet Security
Norton Antispam
Thunderbyte Antivirus
Spybot Search & Destroy
MS AntiSpyware
Trend Micro Housecall

Not a lot to say here. I’ve done outrageous amounts of malware cleanup, with a lot of it being done or completed manually, above and beyond any of these tools. I selected and rolled out Sybari Antigen to the big client, after I finally convinced them they needed at least that level of protection, then two years later we renewed to include the integrated Spam Manager feature. Antigen was never anything but stellar. Spam Manager worked superlatively until a point roughly coinciding with Microsoft’s purchase of the company (of which they’d been a customer after lab testing showed them to be hands down the best), but that may be coincidence.

KEYKatcher is the odd item here. I helped the owner of the large client purchase and learn how to use the unit. It was for seeing what one of his kids was doing online, or so he said. What made this interesting was the first one I got failed in a fascinating way. I ended up working with the owner of the company that makes them, trying to figure it out before sending it back so he could study it, because it was unique. It’s a device (it could have gone in the hardware section that goes between the computer and keyboard to log keystrokes, which can then be dumped into Notepad or any word processor, triggered by typing the right code.

It’s not security-related software, but the most useful thing I ever did, after eliminating e-mail as a virus source, was to roll out Firefox and get as many people as possible to use it unless a crucial site absolutely required Internet Explorer. The malware cleanups became primarily for those who insisted on using IE or, coincidentally or not, had a third-party nagware screensaver installed.

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