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Domain Auction

The auction is up. If it sells for the reserve price that’s half of what we needed (a little more than half of what remains needed after donations received). If it sells for what it really ought to, which is unlikely, we could pay off the entire gas & electric balance and be done with it, and some.

The xtremeware domain actually went from no Google Page Rank to an impressive 5 while sitting and waiting to be sold. That may actually add to the value. The logical buyer would benefit from using the shorter domain as a forwarder, at least, but they may consider themselves too well established to bother with the .com for more than a nominal price.

If it doesn’t sell in time to help with the immediate situation, I’ll continue to hold it. Based on similarly catchy, useful domains for sale, I could ask many times my reserve price and not be out of line. It really does have some value, even if it’s hard to find the right buyer.

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