Walking Boy

I believe I meant to post about Henry walking and didn’t.

After teasing us for an extended time, he took clear and unambiguous single steps a couple times recently. He could race around the place holding something, going way back, either crusing or pushing a walker toy or making a walker out of a box. He had excellent balance. He grew into a shape and stance made more for walking. He could rise to standing at will, unsupported, and had such good balance he could flail around wildly without falling.

Finally Sunday he walked four steps. Then he did it again. He loves praise and positive feedback, and learned to clap and say “yay” a while back, so he claps for himself along with us.

Monday he went on ahead and did it some more, almost as if he’s starting to decide that this will be a more efficient form of locomotion. He’s nothing if not analytical, after all.

At any rate, he’s on his way. It’s so cool! And a little bit sad, since he’s the last baby.

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