Out the Frying Pan

Sadly, my 12 inch frying pan had to be thrown away yesterday. The coating was so badly damaged that it was unusable. It was a cheap pan and last many years – almost nine, I believe it is – so it owed me nothing, but the timing. Even though it was obviously coming for a while, and that will be true of some of the other pans as well.

We’ll pretty much have to replace it almost immediately, at a time when $15 or $20 for a pan might almost as well be a bar of unobtanium or wonderflonium or something. For that matter, I already could almost have used a larger one in that style. I hate having to use my round flat pan that we use for making and heating tortillas for frying burgers or eggs. Not so bad to use it as a backup pan for pancakes or French toast, which are appropriate and easy on it.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Do you have an IKEA nearby? They have a wonderful, no-stick pan set for $7.99. Only problem is, I’m not quite sure if the bigger of the two is 12″.

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