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Yesterday I managed to spend $67 and get 5 kinds of meat, 3 kinds of fruit, 4 kinds of produce, 2 quarts of rice milk (hey Stop & Shop, change your sign if it’s $1.50 and not $1.25 sale anymore), 2 cans of tomato soup, 18 eggs, a small cheese, 3 loaves of bread (which is about 3-4 days worth lately) (speaking of which, my mother brought a loaf of raisin bread for the girls and they couldn’t get enough of it), a giant bag of on sale chips (which have the benefit of baby can eat them), 3 packs of favorite Kool-Aid flavor (blue raspberry lemonade) that’s not sold at Wal-Mart, black beans, and 2 kinds of crackers ($1.29 for saltines and he seems to be able to eat them, as he can the Keebler Club crackers, which were fortuitously on sale), ziti, relish and chicken boullion cubes. I rock.

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It’s for the 5 of us. Combined with what we have on hand, I figure it’s give or take a week or so. Still need to do some restocking of staples, and there’s more that we need, like some on sale beef at another store, and peanut butter. It was almost 2 lbs of 75% burger on sale for still too much (it shouldn’t be the costliest meat of the trip), boneless ribs on sale for almost as low as they get, Kahn’s hot dogs 2 for 1 so they were $2 a pack, chicken thighs for a good if not perfect sale price, and a couple packs of ground turkey at an exceptional price. Strawberries were a great sale. Ditto peaches, which turned out to be sour. All the rest was either sale or stuff that’s a good buy at that store, or really needed and price was good to acceptable.

I didn’t have a specific plan for using each thing and when but had a rough idea. For instance, the ground turkey makes meatballs, plus a turkey patty for the baby, which go with potatoes, gravy and veggies for a yummy meal. The chicken most likely will go in a lentil and barley dish, or might end up shredded in burritos or such. The ribs will probably be shredded pork, over/with rice or potatoes or as sandwiches. The burger was last night’s supper and some in freezer for burgers for baby or to go into pasta sauce. There will probably be some salads served in there (and Henry can eat iceberg lettuce!), and so forth. If I get some of the $1.77/lb beef, there will be a black bean, corn and beef chili in the near future. I should start writing about some of the shopping and planning and how to be cheap at the food blog, really.

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