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As you can see, there’s been substantial progress in setting up the new blog. I’ve just finished what we are most obligated or in need of having before it can be deferred until later. I’ll resume fussing with it after I shower, do some paperwork, go to the post office, go to the gas & electric people to try to keep us turned on, go to the bank, go to the store (though that might be able and better to wait, apart from the toilet paper shortage, but may as well get that at least while out), see if I can inflate the tires, and whatever I am forgetting.

Looking for the old blog? Blogblivion Archive. Feel free to maintain a link to that if you’d like. We’ll include one here, in any event. Just like Accidental Verbosity before it, you’d want to visit to see previous pictures of kids, if nothing else.

If you have links to posts at the now archival blog, they will be broken until I can figure out how to make those redirect. They’re all the same, except for the inclusion of the \eeblog\ folder in each URL.

Okay, off I go. Need to eat, too. Getting shaky.

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