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Administrative Notice

The contents of this blog, as published with Expression Engine, will be archived to a subdirectory, to which I will link when the dust settles.  At the address where this blog is now will be a new version, published using WordPress.  Thinking about it as I type this, probably I’ll replicate the last several recent posts, so there’s overlap and we don’t start completely empty.

The objective, which is supposed to be possible if moderately confusing, will be for any link to a post as it existed before to redirect automatically to the archived content.

I plan to attempt this tonight.

The goal is to work out the details on ours, so even if it’s undercooked tomorrow I know the technical hurdles, and then apply the knowledge to one I expect to do for another blogger tomorrow night.

During the surgery, you may find us down entirely for a while, or you may get an unexpected and incomplete site if you visit during the process.  I’ll post in both places indicating it’s done and how it went, once it is done.  Worst case, before I sleep tonight I will try to leave something in place that says what’s going on, even if the archive isn’t working yet and I have to continue with help from the kids during the day tomorrow.


Note to self… Good luck with that!  It’s 9 PM.  You just finished in the kitchen, have dishes soaking, have 3 kids to put to bed, and are going to start this from scratch when that’s all done?  On about 5 hours of sleep and after more than 13 hours awake?  Yeah, right…

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