So Last Night…

Henry got mild hives and redness on his torso from eating or dripping on himself at supper…???

Which is to say he had nothing that didn’t appear on the list I posted as a food he’s been fine with, perhaps with minimal reservations.

And he wasn’t itchy to speak of, though he’d had a recent dose of Tylenol, which helps with itching.

I’ve decided to blame that on the peas.  Specifically, juice (residual water they cooked in) from the peas, as an external action, which I have suspected before, from peas and from other things, like corn and sweet potatoes.

I’m also inclined to eliminate the lemonade completely for a while, which means we need to get some pure lime juice, or limes to produce same, and make him limeade with nothing but water, lime and sugar in it, as his only alternative to water.  Well, unless we have him drink rice milk.

I might feed him a snack of just the handful of remaining peas sometime today and watch carefully.  After the benadryl I apparently have to give him because he woke up miserable and maybe was worsened by lemonade has time to wear off.  I’ve been typing most of this while he stands holding onto my leg, crying piteously and wanting to continue being held All Day Long.

This is so frustrating.


He’s in the living room with Sadie, post-benadryl, and I realized I had more.

Supper for him last night was plain spaghetti, ingredients: wheat; leftover frozen peas; bread, ingredients: wheat, water, salt, sugar, yeast, Crisco; baked chicken, ingredients: chicken and a few seasonings on the outside, including salt, garlic powder, rosemary, savory, sage, celery, nutmeg, mostly in absurdly tiny amounts.  That was it, except I think he was drinking water at the time.

He had a big red welt on his chest where he’d have leaned on the tray, bumps lower on his belly, heaviest near the diaper line where stuff might collect, and milder bumps on his back where it contacted the chair.

I rubbed pure Ivory dish soap on his upper arm to test, no reaction, which means it’s not likely a reaction to having cleaned the chair and tray and maybe left residue.

At least part of it seemed as much about contact as about ingestion.  It was virtually gone after splashing in the tub immediately after supper.

Very strange.

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