You know what?

When it comes right down to it, I’m tired of people sneering at people for acting like people.  We’re hardwired to eat what’s in front of us, fuck like bunnies, and make nice with the rest of the tribe (which, oddly enough, sometimes involves not eating or not fucking like bunnies, and you can see how well that seems to turn out...there are a few imperatives higher than “make nice with the tribe,” but only a few).

“Make nice with the tribe” is an instinctive survival skill.  Humans are puny little social creatures and they need each other.  That’s why all of the stupidity is so easy to propagate and so hard to get rid of.  And that’s why things like socialism get such a strong foothold so easily.  We need the people who stand up to the tribe and say “fuck you, tribe.” But expecting the bulk of people to act that way…

People are people are people.  It’s a constant.

Posted by on 08/10 at 11:37 AM

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