We drove the Buick for the first time today.  All the way to Sharon.

At Central Street and route 18 in Stoughton, the brake pedal went to the floor while I was stopped at the light.

The brakes work marginally so it’s not impossible to drive, with the right caution, traffic, etc.  However, the brake line is leaking near the passenger side rear wheel.  Feels like it sort of rusted through.  It was fine driving the rest of the way up near Cobb’s Corner, with caution.  The emergency brake has more stopping power than most I’ve ever seen.

I got a ride home from one friend, after they convinced me not to nurse the car home even alone.  Turned out the back road I was going to take is closed and I’d have to have driven in real traffic, which is annoying.  Deb and the kids are riding with another friend, who fortunately is going by here on her way back to the Cape, and who fortunately has a borrowed car that fit all the car seats.  Which the Buick only barely did, and that by not using Sadie’s good one.

Now I need to recruit my brother to help me get up there and patch it, say, tomorrow evening or something.

Kick.  Kick.  Kick…

Posted by on 06/08 at 09:29 PM
  1. Blah!  Stupid car!

    Posted by Wayne  on  06/09  at  06:52 PM  from  Ohio
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