Yasoft? Microhoo?

No birthdays.

Big news this morning: Microsoft bidding big for Yahoo!  Not unexpected per se, but landscape shifting.

Erm… let’s see.  Just trying to dump what’s interesting and can be typed fast so I can move along.

Today I need to run to the post office to send a package to Australia.  Seems like not only will there be more business from there, but also Deb has found a winning focus for her shop.  Which you’ve visited, right?  See the sidebar.  Also need to hit the store.  Should try to get outside before the rain hits.  Need to put at least one of the new wiper blades on the truck.  I seem to recall they were a pain to install last time.

I need to correspond about an upcoming job wiping and reinstalling a computer that’s had way too much trouble for the owner and I would have flattened, or flat out replaced, long ago.  Friend of mine doing the support for it free for a friend of his, now lives a few states away so for the hands on they’re paying me.  Thought it was going to be a while, but it’s moved up to almost immediately.  Which also means I need to review the dump of support correspondence between my friend and Microsoft and Adaptec and be sure I am firm on the situation.  Though as much as anything I figure I’m the knowledgeable hands on-site, with my friend doing some of the driving otherwise.

I need to continue the web site updates and flier project.  Actually, I should do sample fliers and show them to my landlord, who suggested the concept. 

I need to compose another e-mail soliciting work from a few dozen people.

Then there’s another e-mail I need to compose, that could result in money.

Today or tomorrow I’ll want to make a pea soup.  My mother and grandmother had a plague of ham bones and already made three in rapid succession, so the basically insisted I take home the one they had in the freezer, plus a bag of peas.  That’s thawing in the fridge.

Enough typing.  Gotta get rolling.

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